Vijaya Aero Blocks Pvt ltd.,is Dedicated to the development of environment friendly ,cost effective and energy efficient  materials for new generation buildings in India. Promoted by highly talented group of NRI individuals, the company plans to introduce several contemporary Building material the fast changing needs of the industry.

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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Advantages of AAC

Cost Saving /Economical

Being light weight AAC drastically reduces the weight of the building, Resulting into reduction in steel (up to 27%) and cement (up to 20%) structural cost savings. Being 8 times the size of a clay brick, AAC wall construction involves 1/3rd  of the joints thus an overall mortar savings up to 66%.

High Strength

High pressure steamcuring autoclaving process gives AAC blocks unmatchable strength to weight ratio, higher then even M 150 concrete and far exceeds the indian building code Requirements.

Earthquake Resistant

Earthquake forces on structure are proportional to the weight of the building hence light weight blocks show excellent resistant to Earthquake force. Regions of high seismic activities like japan exclusive use AAC blocks. Its has been proven to withstand wind loads of category 5tropical stormes.

Fire Resistant

Its unique cellular structure provides excellent fire rating Due to this cellular structure AAC blocks do not disintegrate even in fire rating of 4 hours. The melting point of AAC blocks are over 1600c.

Pest Resistant

With solid wall construction and finishes, there are fewer if any, cavities for insects and rodents to dwell in. Termites  and ants do not eat or nest in AAC blocks, being made up of inorganic mineral, AAC blocks  do not promote growth of molds.

Water Barrier

Microscope structure of lightweight blocks does not allow for capability action making it impervious to water barrier properties are further enhanced by adding silicon based additives.

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The principal business of Vijaya Aero BLocks is to manufacture AAC building products. With an impressive list of benefits that includes superior fire protection, acoustic and thermal insulation, versatility, durability, and light weight along with reduced construction time and labor costs, Vijaya Aero BLocks offers an innovative building material for the next generation. +Read more
Vijaya Aero Blocks is the leading manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products and prides itself on maintaining the highest level of customer service and support. Every member of the Vijaya Aero Blocks team is committed to both excellence in customer service and the production of quality products. +Read more
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block is a precast, lightweight and insulating green building product which is used as walling material and as replacement for bricks, CLC Blocks etc. Due to strong thermal insulation, AAC blocks also find use in specialty applications such as fire walls, sound walls, roof tiling etc. +Read more
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete(AAC) Blocks are made out of Fly ash, Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Aluminium Powder & Water. Making these blocks does not cause any environmental pollution. Talking about AAC blocks, we can say that these blocks are smooth and almost 8 times bigger than the normal bricks and yet, lighter than the normal bricks by a huge margin. +Read more