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As parents and teachers, we want to make sure our kids reach to school or home safely. ParentLook app ensures safety of the dear ones by providing the live location updates right on your mobile phone during their commute on school buses.

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Parent App

You are just a tap away from knowing where your child and the school bus are at

  • Live School Bus Tracking

    You can track your child's location to know if they have reached school safety or their way back home

  • Real-Time Alerts

    You will receive alerts before the school bus reaches your child's pickup or drop-off location

  • Attendance

    You will receive your child's attendance report of when they got on or off the school bus on daily, weekly or monthly basis

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Transport Manager Console & App

Reduce confusion and Increase efficiency

  • Centralized Fleet Management

    Transport Managers can manage small to large fleets with ease and with high efficiency, from our Transport Manager Console

  • Reports

    Can generate reports related to on-time arrivals, vehicle utilization, over-speeding, etc.

  • Vehicle Tracking

    Track the fleet even when they are out of coverage area or in traffic with GPRS & SMS messaging

  • Save Time, Cost and environment

    Move towards totally paperless management by doing away with the manually maintained paperwork of student's attendance, fuel utilization, trip schedules, etc.

  • Monitor Violations

    Alerts can be received when the bus is moving too slow or fast or making unwarranted stop or turns

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Driver Apps

Increase drivers efficiency and accountability

  • Route Planning

    Drivers can chat out optimal routes based on a number of stops, traffic density, roadblocks, etc.

  • Video Surveillance

    Parents and school transport management can watch children via live video feeds

  • Notifications

    A driver receives real-time notifications for pick-up and drop-off point location updates also notifications on students who are on leave

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Can anyone put a price on a child's safety? The answer is simple "NO" they are priceless to every parent

At the cost of one good quality chocolate every month, you too can secure your child's safety during their daily commute to school

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