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Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC) is also known as "Foam Concrete" is a greater advantageous product for the past 4 decades in terms of strength, durability and cost savings. It is made from many air cells which are uniformĀ¬ly distributed throughout the concrete which create cellular structural material. It has 40 to 45% voids in total mass.

Since the early twentieth century, two ideas were developed to produce light weight concrete; Cellular Light Weight concrete (CLC) and Aerated Autoclave concrete (AAC). CLC is based on the idea that adding air bubbles to mortar would reduce its weight while at the same time improving the product guality. At present, the CLC blocks are the most "Eco-friendly" products due to its various advantages. That is why CLC is widely accepted by all European, Asian, Gulf, Russian and other Developed Nations.

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